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Thank you for choosing to call a The Residences at Justison Landing home. We know this decision was not made lightly and we hope you have an incredible experience here. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide all of the information necessary to enjoy not only your home, but the amazing attractions nearby.

  • Fitness Center: Our fitness center is available to residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get your workout on!
  • ResideBPG Play Where You Live Discount Card: For more information, and to receive your card, visit your leasing office. For more details view ResideBPG Here!
  • Grocery Delivery: Shoprite in Wilmington offers grocery delivery. Visit plan.shoprite.com for details.
  • Delaware Sports League: All of our residents receive the opportunity to play Delaware Sports League Sports with a discounted membership to the League as well as DSL Social. This provides an excellent casual opportunity to meet others in the Wilmington Community and get fit! For the access code and more information please speak with the leasing office.
  • Newsletter: Please make sure the leasing office has your email on file. Not only do we send out monthly Play Where You Live newsletters to inform you on what is going on within the area, we also utilize an email system for important resident updates.
  • It is a good idea to have a disaster/catastrophic plan for you and/or you family.
  • Escape routes.
  • Family communications.
  • Utility shut-off and safety.
  • Insurance and vital records.
  • Special needs.
  • Caring for animals.
  • Safety Skills
  • For more information we recommend visiting FEMA’s (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and the American Red Cross website that provides an emergency check list. Visit http://www.fema.gov.Important Emergency Contact Numbers
  • Police 911 – Text Telephone (TTY/TDD) users
  • Police non-emergencies (302) 654-5151
  • Emergency Maintenance (302) 275-2319
  • Contact 24 Hour Crisis Help line (302) 761-9100
  • Poison Control Center (800) 222-1222
  • Emergency Evacuation Information (302) 573-2885

In the event your apartment needs to be serviced; please log in to your account and submit a maintenance request or notify the leasing office. We take pride in our service and will complete all service requests within a 24-hour time period of when the service request was placed. In certain situations our maintenance service technician may not be able to complete your request within 24 hours due to another emergency or part replacement. If in the event your service requires a part replacement, we will notify you when we are to receive the particular part and when we will complete your service request. When submitting a service request, try to give as many details as possible. This will help us expedite you service request. For example; instead of saying the dryer is broken, you could say; the dryer is turning but giving off little heat and it’s taking long hours to dry my clothes. Our maintenance technician is here Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm. After 4:30pm the maintenance request will be submitted for the following day. We will provide 24-hour emergency maintenance. Maintenance will come to your apartment after business hours for an emergency. What constitutes an emergency is: Flood, Fire, Smoke, and toilet back-up (if only one bathroom), and A/C when temperatures are 80 degrees and above, or no heat. 24-Hour Emergency phone number 302.652.7608.

  • Fire: Apartment fire safety begins with you. Get to know inside your apartment; for example where the smoke detectors are located, vents in the roof, and the operation of your windows. Have a plan for you and/or your family and friends for evacuation. Your apartment is provided with smoke detectors and a sprinkler system. Battery operated smoke detectors should have their batteries changed once a year. It’s a good idea to test the smoke detector to ensure the batteries are working. Additionaily, it’s better to change the battery once a year whether the battery needs to or not. Don’t remove the battery from the smoke detector because it’s chirping and not replace the battery. Too often we hear of fire tragedies because the battery was removed from the smoke detector. In the event of a fire, call 911 immediately. The fire dispatch will contact the building management and maintenance. If the fire is in your apartment, leave the apartment. If enough time, notify your neighbors by knocking on the doors for their safety as well. Do not leave the door open to your apartment. Each apartment door has the ability to withstand a fire for a certain amount of hours. By closing the door, this prevents the fire spreading to the hallway, and to more apartments. You may also call the fire department by using the fire call boxes located in the hallways. The fire call boxes are located on each floor by the elevator and in the hallways. Simply break the glass on the call box and pull down the door. Inside you will see a phone that dials directly to the fire department. Give the buildings address and what floor you are on and apartment. You will not be able to use the elevators during a fire. They are programmed to automatically go to the first floor. You will need to go to the fire stairways which are located at the end of each hallway. When using the stairs, do not run, as everyone will be trying to evacuate the building at the same time. If you hear the fire alarm go off, evacuate immediately. Don’t check around and see if the alarm is for real or not. Assume that all alarms are real and evacuate the building. Always be prepared and have extra towels by the apartment door so that you may use them by either wetting them for your face or for putting underneath the door. If there is smoke in the hallways, it’s best to travel on the ground as smoke rises. Don’t forget your pets! Have a plan for you, your pets, and family.
  • Flood: Each apartment has its own water heater that supplies hot water to your apartment home. The water tank holds 50 gallons of water. If there were a malfunction with the water heater, you and all your neighbors could potentially have a flood. Notify maintenance immediately if you detect a leak. Dishwashers also can malfunction. Sometimes if the garbage disposal is full or blocked, when the dishwasher is operating, the water which drains into you sink line can back up into your sink, or worse onto your kitchen floor. Any water getting underneath the kitchen flooring will cause the floors to buckle. Wipe up any water on the kitchen floor immediately and notify maintenance immediately.
  • Toilet backup: We strongly recommend that all residents have their own plunger for a minor toilet clog. Remember; please do not put paper towels or non-flushable items in the toilet. For cat owners’, please remove cat litter by trash and not by the toilet. If after plunging the toilet and the clog will not go down the drain, please request a maintenance tech to your apartment. Please discontinue using the toilet until the clog is cleared. If this clog occurs after business hours, contact emergency maintenance only if this is your only toilet in the apartment. If you do have more than one bathroom, maintenance will come out the next business day during business hours.

Under the Resident Corner tab on the main menu, click “Connect” to log on to the resident portal.


A Note to Residents with Pets: When taking your pet out to potty, be sure to curb them every time. If your pet has an accident inside the building, please clean it up immediately, and notify maintenance for further cleaning. We want to make sure that your community looks its best at all times, and we would greatly appreciate your help in this.


Below are a few guidelines regarding waste disposal and proper use of trash receptacles and sink disposals:

Sink and Kitchen Disposal
  • Disposals are not designed to take on large quantities of food scraps. These clog pipes and cause back-ups which will cause trouble for you and your neighbors.
  • Hot oil or grease should never be put down the drain. As it drains, the hot liquid cools and coagulates the pipe causing back-ups.
  • Sanitary napkins and other feminine hygiene products should not be flushed down the toilet. Litter has clumping agents that will clog the toilet line and create back-ups and overflows.
Trash Rooms
  • Do not leave trash on the floor of the trash room. If trash doesn’t fit down the chute, please dispose of it in the trash bins.
  • Do not stack cardboard in the trash room. Break it down and dispose of it in the designated recycling bins.
  • If you have a special disposal need, please call the office and we will assist you with information regarding the best disposal techniques.
Trash Chutes
  • Please secure trash in appropriate bags that are the correct size to fit down the chute.
  • Do not dispose of paint down the chute or the trash receptacles. If you need to dispose of paint please contact the office.
  • Do not throw uncontained oil down the trash chute.
  • Dispose of your trash frequently.
  • Close the trash chute when finished in order to prevent flies and odors from coming through.

Do not leave trash in the hallways. Inappropriate disposal of trash may result in fines billed to your account.

  • We participate in Single-Stream Recycling. Bins can be found on the ground floor to the left of freight elevator behind green doors.
  • Please do not include: food waste, films, plastic bags, plastic wrap, or foam cups and containers.
  • Items that are accepted include Magazines, office paper, brown paper bags, Newspapers, Paperboard, paper cardboard, dairy and juice containers, glass bottles and jars, junkmail, aluminum cans, cardboard, phone books, tin or steel cans, plastic bottles and containers #1-2.
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